6 Easy Steps to creating amazing QBR's that your customers will love!
The PowerQBR Forumula Blueprint outlines a simple six step process to get the right people in the room and set an agenda to hold incredible QBR’s that drive results for your clients. 

This guide provides you with an easy to follow roadmap for delivering amazing business reviews and a checklist to guide you through the process.
  • Secret #1: QBR's are not a "cost of doing business", done right it can drive revenues back to your company
  • Secret #2: QBR's done properly, with the right audience in the room can add thousands to your client lifetime value.
  • Secret #3: Developing a dynamic technology roadmap takes the guesswork out of client budgeting and shortens sales cycles creating win-win outcomes for both you and your client
"vCIOToolbox and the PowerQBR process helped us put a structure in our QBR's...Our first QBR yielded a technology roadmap that included over $50K in new project opportunity."
Lou Ardolino
vCIO and VP of Operations, TBNG Consulting
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